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Didja hear?

From the news page of the official Kissinger site:
AMF Incubator Love
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yesterday (March 18) Kissinger was officially selected as the 2005 Austin Music Foundation Incubator Band! This means that in the next 18 months we will have access to some of the finest minds in Austin, not to mention up to $15,000 to record and release our next record. We're very grateful to the AMF Board and panel who made the difficult decision. The other two finalists, Pong and Friends of Lizzy are both great bands. It looks like the wait between "Me and Otto" and our next record won't be as long as the four years since our last release! Friends of Kissinger, celebrate!

posted by Chopper Kissinger
Cool, huh? This is such great news-- Kissinger really deserved this!
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