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A THIRD version of CHARM!

Imagine how surprised I was today to find Charm being sold at Goodwill! The cover art was different than the two previous covers and the track listing varied slightly: "Rock and Roll Asshole" was removed and "Henrietta Pt. 1" was added. Because "asshole" is a naughty word, kids. And "Henrietta" is not. (Hummm... I shall start using the word "Henrietta" in place of "asshole" now.)

I bought it, because it's Kissinger. "Cryan Shame" had a few naughty words edited out of it, as did "This Ol' Possum." One of the edits in "Cryan Shame" makes the line sound like "Shake your drunk and make it hip," or "Shake your crunk and make it hip." (Hey, I'd pay money any day to hear Chopper demand people to "shake their crunk!")

Here's what the cover art looks like on this one. Which begs the question: Which version of the CHARM cover does everyone like the best? Before this one, I liked the classic belly-button cover (it makes me want to tickle the tummy), but now I think I like this "imposing silhouette" one better. It reminds me of a shadow-friend I had as a small child. Her/his name was "Mii" and s/he hung outside of my window a lot.... Uh... Enough of the make-believe friends stories now.
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