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You have plans for Saturday, July 22nd...

Yes, you do. You just didn't know about it until now. (You can thank me later for helping you realize this...)

On Saturday, July 22nd, you're going to come to Emo's (in Austin, at 6th and Red River) to rock out to Kissinger, Rockland Eagles, the Golden Falcons, and Crash Gallery!

You're going to pay either $7 (if over 21) or $10 (if under 21) to get in. Once in, you will be treated to great rock by bands who know what they're doing and also be given free sno-cones. And, if you're over 21, feel free to soak that sno-cone in booze. That's why it's being called Slushes for Lushes.

So, mark your calendars, boys and girls! Tell all of your friends! Bring your mom! And I will see you there...
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