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The 5-0 Set

I did not want to give anything away before Detroit, but now that the tour is over, I thought I would post about Champaign in case there were interest in the new material.

Cowboy Monkey
October 20, 2006

01. This Ol' Possum
02. Fist
03. Sister Vikki
04. Bike vs. Truck
05. The Closer
06. The Valley
07. Sydney Stone
08. Josephine
09. Cat's Apt.
10. Laramie
11. Henrietta Pt. 3 (Your New Favorite Tune)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Cheap
13. Green
14. Certain Girls
15. Rock 'n' Roll A—hole

"Fist" is the intro to "I Don't Think You're Sexy (I Know You Are)"! "Laramie" may be my favorite; the vibe is a lot like "Vicario," but the lyrics are about July 4.

Anyone know what happened to "Maria"?
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