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23rd October 2006

twerpaliciousat 3:40am: The 5-0 Set
I did not want to give anything away before Detroit, but now that the tour is over, I thought I would post about Champaign in case there were interest in the new material.

Cowboy Monkey
October 20, 2006

01. This Ol' Possum
02. Fist
03. Sister Vikki
04. Bike vs. Truck
05. The Closer
06. The Valley
07. Sydney Stone
08. Josephine
09. Cat's Apt.
10. Laramie
11. Henrietta Pt. 3 (Your New Favorite Tune)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Cheap
13. Green
14. Certain Girls
15. Rock 'n' Roll A—hole

"Fist" is the intro to "I Don't Think You're Sexy (I Know You Are)"! "Laramie" may be my favorite; the vibe is a lot like "Vicario," but the lyrics are about July 4.

Anyone know what happened to "Maria"?

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20th July 2006

klebsat 10:57am: Saturday night, in Austin...

You should go if you can. I'm driving up from San Antonio for this!
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4th July 2006

klebsat 10:46am: You have plans for Saturday, July 22nd...
Yes, you do. You just didn't know about it until now. (You can thank me later for helping you realize this...)

On Saturday, July 22nd, you're going to come to Emo's (in Austin, at 6th and Red River) to rock out to Kissinger, Rockland Eagles, the Golden Falcons, and Crash Gallery!

You're going to pay either $7 (if over 21) or $10 (if under 21) to get in. Once in, you will be treated to great rock by bands who know what they're doing and also be given free sno-cones. And, if you're over 21, feel free to soak that sno-cone in booze. That's why it's being called Slushes for Lushes.

So, mark your calendars, boys and girls! Tell all of your friends! Bring your mom! And I will see you there...
Current Mood: sore

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4th May 2006

roxyrollat 12:06am: 6 months later...
What's new with y'all in the Kissinger Kommunity? I'm just hanging out in Denver waiting to hear some new Kissinger songs.

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11th October 2005

klebsat 8:08am: It won't be awesome unless YOU are there!
I know you have nothing more important to do (because what could be more important than rocking out?)... Come out to Emo's (that's in Austin, of course) on Friday, October 21st! Kissinger will be playing, along with The Real Heroes and Peter Elliot.

It's been way too long since you've been to a Kissinger show, believe me.
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26th July 2005

klebsat 9:59pm: A THIRD version of CHARM!
Imagine how surprised I was today to find Charm being sold at Goodwill! The cover art was different than the two previous covers and the track listing varied slightly: "Rock and Roll Asshole" was removed and "Henrietta Pt. 1" was added. Because "asshole" is a naughty word, kids. And "Henrietta" is not. (Hummm... I shall start using the word "Henrietta" in place of "asshole" now.)

I bought it, because it's Kissinger. "Cryan Shame" had a few naughty words edited out of it, as did "This Ol' Possum." One of the edits in "Cryan Shame" makes the line sound like "Shake your drunk and make it hip," or "Shake your crunk and make it hip." (Hey, I'd pay money any day to hear Chopper demand people to "shake their crunk!")

Here's what the cover art looks like on this one. Which begs the question: Which version of the CHARM cover does everyone like the best? Before this one, I liked the classic belly-button cover (it makes me want to tickle the tummy), but now I think I like this "imposing silhouette" one better. It reminds me of a shadow-friend I had as a small child. Her/his name was "Mii" and s/he hung outside of my window a lot.... Uh... Enough of the make-believe friends stories now.
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23rd July 2005

klebsat 3:44pm: ME & OTTO
So, does everyone have a copy of Me & Otto yet?

If so, what's your favourite track? All of them are good, but I like "Vicario" the best.

If you don't have it, hurry up and order it all ready!

Also, are you aware that Sunday, August 7th is Friendship Day? (Well, according to the calendar I got free from Chick-fil-A it is.) Everyone should come out to Emo's that night to see their friends Kissinger rock out with The Plus Ones. What's a better way of saying "Happy Friendship Day!" than bringing your best buds with you to the rock show? That would be pretty sweet.
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19th July 2005

klebsat 9:25am: Come to Emo's on August 7th!
Kissinger will be playing an all-ages show in Austin, Texas on Sunday, August 7th at Emo's. The Plus Ones from San Francisco, California will be playing with them.

Everyone should come out to this show!
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18th May 2005

klebsat 7:02pm: Just a little bit of pointless amusement...
"All the cool kids are doing it!"

Yay! A Kissinger meme! by klebs
Your name
What Kissinger song is about you?"Sexy Next Door Neighbor Duplex Girl"
Which member of Kissinger should you stalk?Chopper
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Also, I'm working on updating and re-designing the K Spot. Expect the new version to be up... Uh... Within a month? I'm pretty busy for someone who is out of school and work.
Current Mood: weird

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6th May 2005

klebsat 8:53am: It's getting closer!
So, Me and Otto is going to be released in four days. I cannot wait! I'm as excited as a kid on the last day of school before summer break! (Wait-- today is the day of my last final for the semester...)

At the last Kissinger show I went to (last Saturday at Pecan Street Festival), there were handing out little fliers about Me and Otto with quotes on the back from critics. Here's what some of them have to say:
"Imminently, compulsively listenable." (High Bias)
"Me and Otto forges its own aural attitude from a bevy of punk and garage bands." (La Voz)
"Rugged, rock 'n' roll." (Rib Magazine)

And have you seen the cover art? Here's a scan of the flier I picked up that includes the cover art:
I love the cover art! I like the clever use of the lottery ticket as the skin tone of the hand.

I awoke this morning with the song "Vicarrio" playing in my mind, and since I cannot listen to it right now (because the album is no out yet) I think that I'm going to re-read Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
Current Mood: sore

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25th April 2005

klebsat 1:35pm: There's going to be a Gold Rush on Mars tomorrow...
In case anyone of you haven't heard yet, the song "Gold Rush" from Kissinger's first album, Charm, will be featured on the UPN show Veronica Mars tomorrow night (April 26th, 9:00 pm Eastern).

I have never seen the show before (I don't watch television much any more, really I have hardly any time), so I have no idea what it is about, but I'm going to tune in tomorrow evening to check it out.
Current Mood: rushed

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29th March 2005

klebsat 1:08pm: I'm sure everyone knows this by now..
In case you don't know...

ME AND OTTO (Kissinger's new album) will be released on MAY 10TH.

At least that's the date I overheard Chopper telling a chick with a video camera before he played at "da Lizzake" (short for Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio... Or at least that's what I call it) a couple of weeks ago.
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22nd March 2005

klebsat 7:55am: Didja hear?
From the news page of the official Kissinger site:
AMF Incubator Love
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yesterday (March 18) Kissinger was officially selected as the 2005 Austin Music Foundation Incubator Band! This means that in the next 18 months we will have access to some of the finest minds in Austin, not to mention up to $15,000 to record and release our next record. We're very grateful to the AMF Board and panel who made the difficult decision. The other two finalists, Pong and Friends of Lizzy are both great bands. It looks like the wait between "Me and Otto" and our next record won't be as long as the four years since our last release! Friends of Kissinger, celebrate!

posted by Chopper Kissinger
Cool, huh? This is such great news-- Kissinger really deserved this!
Current Mood: excited

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3rd March 2005

roxyrollat 3:53pm: Incubator Project
Who's going to support Kissinger this Saturday as they compete to win $15,000 toward the production of a new record??
This Saturday!
Kick it!

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2nd January 2005

klebsat 12:33pm: 2005!
so, the new album is supposed to be released this year.

has anyone heard an approximate release date?

does anyone know what it will be called?

does anyone know what tracks will be on it?

i cannot wait! this year will be a good year (in the way of new releases from bands i like such as spoon, the handsome charlies, the action is, and-- of course-- kissinger).

did everyone have a good holiday season? i got some cool things for my birthday (yesterday) and for christmas. the best gift was a new stereo that has a turntable. the first thing i listened to on it was the "consider bridgette" single from 1999 (or was it 1998?). man, i hadn't heard that version of "consider bridgette" since my old turntable died over two years ago!
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29th November 2004

klebsat 12:50pm: upcoming shows (taken from the official website)
Dec. 2 Java Joe's Pub San Diego, CA Chopper Solo Show
Dec. 9 The Double Wide Dallas, TX Kissinger Rock Show!
Dec. 10 Kirby's Beer Store Wichita, KS Kissinger Rock Show!
Dec. 11 Emo's Austin, TX Kissinger Rock Show w/The Cutaway, Vice Versa, and 89 Cubs!

woo-hoo! an austin show!

just curious... how many times has everyone seen kissinger in concert? for me, it is 14.
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20th September 2004

roxyrollat 3:33pm: Totally short notice but...
Know anyone in Chicago? Kissinger booked a last minute gig in Chicago tonight. Here's the info:

Monday, September 20th
@ Subterranean
2011 W. North Dr.
w/American Minor, Cisco Pike, and Ladies & Gentleman
$5, 21+
Kissinger plays early, at 8:30 pm.

That's 4 hours from now. I know, I'm totally reaching here, but if you know anyone in Chi-town, pass it on!

Roxanna Roll

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13th September 2004

roxyrollat 9:58pm: joining in the fun
I just joined the Kommunity today, and it looks like a good place to go for Kissinger updates.

I'll check back often.

-Roxanna Roll
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5th September 2004

klebsat 6:53pm: set list for september 3, 2004 @ lucy's in san marcos
01) "john bates"
02) "rock n' roll asshole"
03) "maria" (usually the intro for "testostoner" at live shows)
04) "urbia"
05) "bike vs. truck"
06) "kat"
07) "green"
08) "hannah"
09) "me and otto"
10) "vicario"
11) "cryan shame"
12) "i don't think you're sexy (i know you are)"
13) "certain girls"
14) "this ol' possum"

it rocked, but i'm sad that i forgot to bring my camera to the show. the new album should be out in january or february, 2005.

for some reason, i am overly tired right now, so that's all that i'll type about this.
Current Mood: tired

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25th August 2004

klebsat 1:56pm: show this friday in austin...
i'm assuming everyone knows that kissinger is having a show this friday at the parish (18+) and it will be their first show since they went into the studio to record for the second album.

anyway, i cannot go. i have a cpr and first aid certification class in san antonio the next morning. i need this class for my job. i need a job to get money. i need money to continue my education. i need an education so i can get a real job. i need a real job to get more money. i need more money to move back to austin from san antonio. i need to move back to austin for my sanity. (you get the pattern.)

can someone who goes tell me if kissinger plays any new songs (and what the songs are called)? i'll pay you in pencil shavings if you do...
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15th July 2004

klebsat 12:02pm: Kissinger on college radio!
Read all about it! Number fifteen... Wow! Way to go, Kissinger!

I'm about to call 90.1 KSYM here in San Antonio and request "Urbia." Oh, wait, I am phone-less for today, so I'll e-mail them and then maybe go out and use a pay phone to request it.

Anyone planning on going to see Chopper Saturday night? I'm going, of course.
Current Mood: phone-less

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6th July 2004

klebsat 11:50pm: All-ages Kissinger, Jr. show and the re-release of CHARM
On Saturday, July 17th, Chopper will be playing an all-ages solo show at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas.

If you haven't seen Chopper solo (Kissinger, Jr.) yet, I would suggest that you do go to this show. Though his solo stuff is a bit different than Kissinger's usual stuff (for starters, it is all acoustic), it is still very good and enjoyable. At the show I attended, he played many Kissinger songs along with some other songs I had never heard before (or had heard very little of, such as "Henrietta, Part II" and "Silent Sky"). It was fun to hear old favourites played acoustic.

There seems to be conflicting information as to when Chopper will take the stage. The Cactus Cafe's site says he will be playing at 7:00 pm, but the official Kissinger site says he'll be on at 8:30 pm. Whatever the case, the doors open at 6:30 pm. I have yet to hear how much this show will cost.

Other acts that will be there are as follows:
Carrie Clark
Tucker Livingston
Bob Schneider
The Household Names
Friends of Lizzy

In other Kissinger news, Charm has been re-released with new cover art, along with the lyrics printed inside of the jacket. The music contained on it is all the same, but this version is not interactive. The old interactive version is now out-of-print. This new version will be hitting college radio soon. You can order the new version from the store on the official Kissinger site.

Until next time, keep rock-rocking on!
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14th June 2004

klebsat 11:26am: The new official Kissinger mailing list
Today, I noticed that on the Kissinger webpage there is something new. It says, "Sign up! Join the Kissinger Email List, get exclusive mp3s!" (Oooh, exclusive mp3s!)

It looks like they are redoing the e-mail list. I thought I would post this since some people who read this journal might not be members of the Kissinger e-mail list.

Click here and fill out the information to join the list!

Also, for those of you who have not visited the official site lately, Chopper's Blog has been updated. In it, he mentions a few songs that will be featured on the new album. Has anyone heard the song "Me + Otto"? It is the only song he mentions that I have not heard.

Rock, rock on!
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7th June 2004

klebsat 8:27pm: Hannah
Have any of you guys seen Chopper solo acoustic? If so, did he play "Hannah"? Isn't that the sweetest song ever? I love it, even though I have only heard it once. Some days, it just pops into my head and I hum it. Like it did on Thursday on the way to Dallas.

I also like "Henrietta (Part II)." But not as much as I like "Hannah." "Hannah" rules.
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6th May 2004

klebsat 12:10pm: New pictures at The K Spot!
I uploaded a total of 52 new pictures to The K Spot today. They are from a total of three shows last year.

I hope everyone enjoys them. And I apologize if the site goes down-- it will do that if too many people view the pictures in one day.

Rock and roll,
Current Mood: accomplished

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