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set list for september 3, 2004 @ lucy's in san marcos

01) "john bates"
02) "rock n' roll asshole"
03) "maria" (usually the intro for "testostoner" at live shows)
04) "urbia"
05) "bike vs. truck"
06) "kat"
07) "green"
08) "hannah"
09) "me and otto"
10) "vicario"
11) "cryan shame"
12) "i don't think you're sexy (i know you are)"
13) "certain girls"
14) "this ol' possum"

it rocked, but i'm sad that i forgot to bring my camera to the show. the new album should be out in january or february, 2005.

for some reason, i am overly tired right now, so that's all that i'll type about this.
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